UNV partnering with Devex: Across borders campaign on migration and displacement

UNV is partnering with Devex  on the Across Borders campaign, which got off to a great start yesterday and will run for the month of March.  In the lead up to the World Humanitarian Summit, this online media campaign will take a close look at the current refugee crisis, the influx of migrants to developed countries, and what a successful future looks like in terms of global security, development and humanitarian work.  Partners include the European Commission’s Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department, the US Association for International Migration (IOM’s US non-profit partner) and World Vision, with UNHCR also contributing to the campaign.

Over four weeks, the campaign will offer an opportunity to look at the root causes of movement, the journey set in motion, and our opportunities to build resilient and stable communities that can thrive economically and socially amidst rapid growth and change. It will also identify the solutions needed for the future.

Week 1:  Tuesday, March 1 — Origins

What factors, both positive and negative, cause the movement of people? What innovative community developments might prevent brain drain? What can governments and donors do in crisis, fragile and non-crisis settings to foster stability among the population?

The feature story for week 1 – “Can we get smarter at preventing people from fleeing?" featuring our very own Jan Snoeks, Programme Specialist Peacebuilding – is the top story on the Devex.com home page.  You may sign up for the Devex Newswire so you don't miss any content rolled out for the campaign. 

Week 2:  Tuesday, March 8 — The Journey

What are the health, education and other implications of a community on the move? How can risks be mitigated or eliminated altogether? What are ways that smart infrastructure can ease urbanization challenges? How does the family dynamic shift in transit?


Week 3:  Tuesday, March 15 — The Destination

When you arrive in a new place, what are your rights? What does culture shock look like for both parties when adapting into a country? What are the lessons learned that previous migrant communities can share?

Week 4:  Tuesday, March 22 — The Road Ahead

What does the future hold? How should we structure resettlement policies from country to country? What does movement of populations mean for global security in the coming decades? What does our world look like in 2050 based on current migration commitments?

The campaign is already generating buzz, so kindly share the site and featured content widely with colleagues and partners in your newsletters and across your social channels using the #Across Borders hashtag. 

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 "International Youth Day 2015" will be held in Bishkek on August 12 in the Ministry of Labour, Youth and Migration of the Kyrgyz Republic. 
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